Dr.Evelin Dacker

Dr.Evelin Dacker

Dr. Evelin Dacker stands at the forefront of integrative primary care, championing a sex-positive approach within the medical community. Since 1996, she has been a dedicated practitioner in Salem, OR, and in 2005, she founded VIDA Integrative Medicine. This innovative practice, aptly named “Western Medicine with an Open Mind,” is a testament to her commitment to delivering high-quality primary care through an integrative medicine model.

Educational Background and Early Career

Dr. Dacker’s academic journey began at Hamilton College in upstate New York, where she earned a degree in Psychobiology with a minor in Anthropology. Her passion for medicine and helping underserved communities led her to spend a year at a small rural health center in Nicaragua, followed by extensive travel throughout Central and South America. This early experience laid the groundwork for her holistic and integrative approach to healthcare.

In 1993, Dr. Dacker graduated with honors in Family Medicine from Case Western Reserve University Medical School, and was awarded from the CWRU Women’s Faculty “The Graduating Women Student for her commitment to women and minorities.”
Following a Family Medicine residency at Merrithew Memorial Hospital in Martinez, California, Dr. Dacker pursued further education in Integrative, Holistic, and Functional medicine. She achieved board certification in Holistic and Integrative Medicine in 2008 and obtained a Functional Medicine certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2015.

Integrative Approach to Sexuality Medicine

Dr. Dacker has since applied her vast knowledge and integrative approach to sexuality medicine, women’s health, preventative care, consent education, and teaching. Her influential TEDx talk in Salem in 2018, highlighting the importance of open sexual communication, underscored her commitment to these issues. Dr. Dacker is particularly dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA youth and adults, guiding individuals through illness, trauma, and life transitions toward balance and joy. She employs a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing gratitude and pleasure to help patients forge their paths to wellness.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of her significant contributions to sexuality and consent, Dr. Dacker was honored with the 2023 Robert L. Haynie Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award from Case Western Reserve University. This accolade reflects her impactful work and dedication to inclusivity in the medical field.d

She has been featured on many podcasts, most notably on NPR’s Life Kit: How to Talk about STIs, in which her STARS Talk Framework was featured.
Her book, The STARS Talk: A Revolutionary Conversation For Great Sex and Authentic Relationships (working title), will be published by Thornapple Press in the Spring, 2025.

Personal Interests and Advocacy

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Dacker is a fervent advocate for reframing societal perspectives on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), viewing our relationship with STIs as a reflection of the broader stigmatization of sexuality. As a Latinx queer individual, her clinical expertise is enriched by her personal experiences, offering a unique and invaluable perspective to her patients and the wider community.

From 2018-2020, Dr. Dacker was the executive director of SexPositive Portland, an educational and social community that teaches consent communication and holds facilitated events.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Dacker finds joy in the company of her two children and the serenity of nature. Her commitment to enhancing global well-being and fostering a more understanding and compassionate world is evident in her professional and personal endeavors.

Dr. Evelin Dacker’s journey and achievements underscore her role as a pioneering figure in integrative and sex-positive healthcare. Her dedication to patient-centered care and her innovative approach to medicine continue to inspire and transform lives.

You can find more of her work at:

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Evelin's Personal

Commitments and Passions

Evelin's Personal

Commitments and Passions

Evelin has two beautiful children she enjoys laughing with. She spends her free time playing in nature and is committed to making the world a better place.

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