Dr. Evelin Dacker is a New Yorker who has slowly adjusted to the calmer pace of Oregon. She has been practicing medicine in Salem since 1996. She comes from a bicultural family and is fluent in Spanish and English. Dr. Dacker is dedicated to providing whole family medical care from birth and on.

After graduating from Hamilton College in upstate New York with her undergraduate degree in psychobiology (minor in anthropology), Dr. Dacker spent a year working in a small rural health center in Nicaragua followed by extensive traveling thorough out Central and South America. She has returned to Nicaragua several times since then, most recently in 1998 when she traveled there as part of the relief effort for Hurricane Mitch. She has spent several months working in rural northern Thailand as part of her medical school experience.

Dr. Dacker graduated from Case Western Reserve University Medical School in 1993 with honors in Family Medicine. She was honored with an award from the CWRU Women’s Faculty as the graduate most committed to women and minorities. She spent the next three years in the family practice residency program at Merrithew Memorial Hospital in Martinez, California.

On attaining her board certification in 1996, Dr. Dacker moved to Salem to work at the West Salem Clinic, a community health center run by Northwest Human Services. Her special interests in medicine include women’s healthcare, pediatrics, preventative healthcare, and mental illness.

With the advent of VIDA Integrative Medicine, Dr. Dacker remains dedicated to providing the same high quality of healthcare, while focusing on a more integrative model of medicine. She is open to integrating alternative and traditional medical practices to achieve optimum health and well being. She has attended seminars on Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. and is continuing to take classes on Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona School of Medicine.

Dr. Dacker lives in Salem with her husband and two beautiful children. She is a keen runner. She is currently reading her way through all the novels that have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction since 1965.

Call 503-399-1400 to make an appointment with Dr. Dacker.