Sweaty palms, light headedness, that feeling way down into your stomach, that comes over you at the worst time! I’m not talking about that long awaited first kiss. But the symptoms are just the same, when you have rejected that longtime best friend…H2O, agua, wasser, vand…water

We are talking about our body’s enemy “dehydration”

The body is composed of mostly water; the brain, kidneys, and other systems work together to maintain the body’s vital fluid balance. Water is constantly lost in urine, perspiration and in water vapor that leaves the lungs when we breathe. In healthy people with an average activity level, about half the body’s water loss occurs through the skin and the lungs. Our body is not always able to cope with low intake or excessive loss of fluids. When dehydrated; the human body does not function at its optimal level and may be at risk for potentially life threatening conditions.

Warmer weather is just around the corner. During these months, greater outdoor activities are planned. Running, biking, hiking, just to name a few. Putting you at greater risk due to the excess perspiration and increased physical activity. Older people and younger children are most susceptible, but it can happen to anyone. Enjoy yourselves out there, but go prepared. Take your best friend water along with you on your outdoor adventures.

Beneficial foods to be consumed during warmer months:


apples, watermelon, star fruit, lemons


celery, mung beans, cucumbers, onions, crunchy lettuces, tofu


cilantro, parsley, marjoram, avoid drying black pepper and too much salt


chrysanthemum tea, dandelion tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea. (Can be room temperature or chilled)