We have fueled the car and are ready to go on the cross-country road trip, but we forgot; we are way overdue for an oil and filter change. We hurry and call the garage to see if they can fit us in before we leave on our trip. Why? Can’t it wait till we return? No, it can’t. We want to make sure our engine will be ok before we drive all those miles. We need to clean out the bad and put in the good.

Dirty oil running through our luxury vehicle, that’s unheard of. Sound familiar? We should all take care of our body as well as we care for our vehicles. But I don’t have time for a detox. I have heard this all too often from many. I can’t be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I have work. I EAT HEALTHY!!

Yes, but no matter what you do toxins are all around us; some hidden. They are hard to avoid. (toxic substances are even in our toothpaste) We all carry around toxins. Some struggle with an enormous amount, (massive toxic overload) which can lead to inflammation; which in turn causes all sorts of disruptions of the proper functioning of the body. Fatigue, aches, pains, thyroid dysfunctions, adrenal fatigue, even chronic autoimmune disorders. I know I sound like I am preaching to the choir, but you need to really understand there are simple daily steps to help the body detox daily on a natural basis. Just making a few simple daily changes can help you live a healthier, happier, longer life. Use these five steps to begin to clean out your body.

  1. Water! How do you know how much? Here is the formula: 50% of your body weight in ounce of water. Example, if you weigh 200lbs then divide that amount in half. That comes to 100 ounces per day. You should divide the 100 ounces in a 12 hour period. That would equal approx. (8) 12 ounce glasses daily. Sounds like a lot but that’s what the body needs to circulate toxins out for a 200lb person. A great first step in cleaning out the body.
  2. Sleep no less than 8 hours daily. If you have a chronic condition, then 9 would be preferable. Too little sleep can lead to adrenal fatigue and causes too much stress on the body. The prolonged stress in turn causes inflammation to build up on a cellular level.
  3. Eat better, make better choices in food selection. Eat foods that clean out the system just like a Brillo pad scrubs your dirty pots and pans. Here they are: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, leafy greens such as escarole, swiss chard, spinach, green beans, apples (organic). Nourish your body so it can function as it was designed to.
  4. Exercise gently daily. Qi gong, tai chi, yoga, walking
  5. Take a good digestive enzyme to help you process those healthy veggies. If you have been eating junk for a longtime, your body will need a little help digesting the good stuff.

If you are already suffering from a chronic condition and are on medication, you should seek the help of a licensed healthcare professional to help you detox safely.

Until next time, let health be with you!