What do you and your ironing board have in common?

Don’t know, let me help you. You’re both stiff. Ever hear the expression you feel stiff as a board? We have all been there sometime in our life. We bend down to pet our dog or stroke our cat, we been sitting too long at the computer desk, as we rise, bam! a pain down our back, our knee. What’s happening? You tell yourself, “I’m not that old.” Well you have probably overlooked one important aspect of your health. Your joints.

Your joints need to be kept healthy just like other areas of your body. As we age joints become less flexible and you become less limber. Bending down to tie your shoe, taking a walk in the park, picking up babies, playing a sport can be painful. You need to nourish your joints daily in order for you to do activities without stiffness and pain.

Did you know that there are over 20 joints in your ear alone and each is designed for its own specific movement. Wow! You better start on your road to joint health. We need to eat foods that will nourish and help prevent joint degradation. How many people in their 50’s need one or two knees replaced, and forget the number of seniors over 65 that need new hips. Why?

Refined sugar:

The simple carbohydrate that when consumed in high amounts, raises the levels of c-reactive protein (an inflammation marker in the body). Inflammation in the body has been linked to cartilage deterioration and arthritis.

Processed foods are the next no no:

Processed foods are commercially processed and chemically altered and contain additives and preservatives. When consuming these types of foods, the body has a difficult time in processing them. This leads to inflammatory responses and joint inflammation and inflammation in other areas of the body as well.

Ok, so what should you do? Well the number one staple of your diet needs to include Healthy fats.

What are healthy fats? They are the omega 3’s from olive oils, fish oils, chia seed oils, flaxseed oils and hemp oils. They can help reduce inflammation in the body.

The unhealthy oils are the omega 6 hydrogenated cooking oils such as corn oil, soy oil, and certain margarines which are loaded with trans-fats. They can increase the inflammatory response in the body and increase inflammation.

Whole foods:

Eating whole foods is very important. Try to eat organically grown green leafy veggies, low-starch based veggies, fresh organic fruits, grass-fed meats only and organic eggs. Limit grains to sprouted. Limit gluten based grains as well. Drink plenty of water and use bone broth for your soups and cooking.

Get moving:

Stretching, walking, light resistance training, mild aerobic, qi gong tai chi and yoga are great for the body.

Till we meet again… May your health be with you. Also, be sure to leave a comment below.