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Spring Cleaning

We have fueled the car and are ready to go on the cross-country road trip, but we forgot; we are way overdue for an oil and filter change. We hurry and call the garage to see if they can fit us in before we leave on our trip. Why? Can’t it wait till we return? No, it...

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“Reeking” Havoc

Hi, it’s me again. Now that we are all hydrating correctly from our last post, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. It’s always funny when it’s not you. We have all been there before. The room is silent, the preacher is about to speak, or you’re laughing so hard you...

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Water Saves the Day!

Sweaty palms, light headedness, that feeling way down into your stomach, that comes over you at the worst time! I’m not talking about that long awaited first kiss. But the symptoms are just the same, when you have rejected that longtime best friend…H2O, agua, wasser,...

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