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Why Am I Tired?

Why Am I Tired? Besides the obvious reasons:  Work, kids, Netflix marathons, constant video/computer stimulation, mental stress. You name it, all of it causes mental/physical fatigue.  I am talking about the most overlooked reason. Sluggish liver syndrome. That’s it...

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Don’t BBQ Your System

Don't BBQ Your System Hi, I’m back. Ready to bring some new info and great stuff on the horizon. If you have been following my words of wisdom, then you know we left off at joint health. Now we’re heating things up. Let’s briefly discuss the subtle signs that...

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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

What do you and your ironing board have in common? Don’t know, let me help you. You’re both stiff. Ever hear the expression you feel stiff as a board? We have all been there sometime in our life. We bend down to pet our dog or stroke our cat, we been sitting too long...

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