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A Little Extra

Hi everyone, this is for you foodies out there. You all have heard about coconut oil, but our forgotten cousin, Olive Oil is just or even more beneficial. There is an extreme amount of health benefits of olive oil, but it must be extra virgin cold-pressed only! It is...

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How Do You Sleep?

Well I hope you have been following these posts and passing them on to friends. Education, that’s what it’s all about. I take the time to pass on this valuable information for you and the community. A step toward all of you living healthier happier lives. I talk about...

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Why Am I Tired?

Why Am I Tired? Besides the obvious reasons:  Work, kids, Netflix marathons, constant video/computer stimulation, mental stress. You name it, all of it causes mental/physical fatigue.  I am talking about the most overlooked reason. Sluggish liver syndrome. That’s it...

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