Sangeeta Kirtikar is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Occupational Therapist and Yoga Instructor. She has 25+ years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and has worked in different settings ranging from acute care hospitals to outpatient clinics.


Sangeeta has always been passionate about an integrative approach to health that connects the body, emotions, mind, community, environment and spirit. She believes feeling secure and having a sense of belonging promotes healing. As an integrative health and wellness coach, Sangeeta meets her clients where they are in their health journey. Being an ally in their health, she encourages self-discovery. She believes that providing the right support and connection empowers clients to recognize and pull out from their innate ability to make lasting lifestyles changes. These changes could be in the realm of, but not limited to nutrition, movement, sleep, smoking cessation, weight control, environment, and relationships. She honors the client as an expert in their own life and holds the client responsible and accountable. She believes through the process of health and wellness coaching, clients are empowered to make self-generated solutions and strategies.


Sangeeta has taught online and in person yoga (including chair yoga) and telemedicine classes. Some examples of telemedicine classes include stroke rehab, orthopedic shoulder injuries, and caregiver education. Sangeeta loves what she does and firmly believes that her clients, coaching partners and patients make her a better person every day.