Hi, it’s me again. Now that we are all hydrating correctly from our last post, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. It’s always funny when it’s not you. We have all been there before. The room is silent, the preacher is about to speak, or you’re laughing so hard you can’t hold it back…. then suddenly, wham… boom! It sounds like a firecracker went off and it smells so bad even the dog runs and hides. Yes, you guessed it… flatulence aka gas. It happens when you least expect it. It’s funny when it’s not you, but it’s no laughing matter. Something is wreaking havoc on your digestive system. Let’s look.

Processed foods:

What the heck are they and why can’t we have them; even though they taste so good. They are quick, easy and not time consuming at all. How can they be bad?

Processed foods that contain white flour and refined sugars (white bread, cold sugary cereals, cakes, cookies) are passed through the digestive tract very quickly leaving you craving for more; not to mention they cause bloating and cramps. Processed foods have also been linked to an increase in diabetes and heart disease.

Our next ex-best friend:

The good old peanut. What! What the heck are you saying? My kids eat that daily, it’s all they like. Sound familiar? Although peanuts are a good source of protein, they are inflammatory. They have a soft shell and fungi and pesticides bind to that shell and the shell is porous. A chemical known as aflatoxin (which is cancer causing) is produced.

Oh no!!!! Don’t tell me, no… no…not chocolate:

I need it, it calms me, I feel happy when I eat it. Chocolate contains caffeine. It should not be eaten by anyone that has chronic digestive disorders such as IBS, or any other inflammatory bowel disorder because it can increase the inflammation associated with the condition. It also has a laxative effect if too much is consumed. Chocolate can also have a diuretic effect as well and can increase heart burn. If you must have it, go for dark chocolate.  It contains polyphenols & fiber which is good for slowing down digestive activity and helps with water absorption which promotes a healthy digestion process.


Everything has wheat in it, bread, pretzels, pasta, cereal. What am I going to put my sandwich together with? Ok, let me explain. Our gut does not have the correct bacteria and enzymes to break down the gluten part of the wheat. It has been linked to leaky gut syndrome and can cause stomach pains and digestive distress. Some people have a higher sensitivity to the gluten in wheat. They do not have celiac disease, just a sensitivity causing the discomfort when they consume it. There are many good substitutes for wheat. Millet, brown rice, quinoa breads, but if you must have your wheat, please eat sprouted wheat. This will cause less effects and discomfort to your digestive system.


Vegetable oil to be exact. Corn, canola, soybean. They contain polyunsaturated fats. The processing of these oils makes it difficult for the breakdown of these fats in the body and it produces inflammation in the digestive tract. These oils have been linked to colon problems and plaque in the arteries.  There are many healthy oils to use such as grapeseed oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, olive oil (but don’t use that for cooking, do not heat olive oil but use on cooked foods and salads.) Coconut oil is also ok to use especially in baking.

Well that’s all for this time but I hope you learned something new

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