Outpatient Addiction Medicine

VIDA Integrative Medicine, Behavioral Health and Addictions


We provide men and women with Medication-Assisted Treatment for addictions. We understand the importance of providing a whole-patient approach to treatment of substance use disorders. With VIDA’s comprehensive treatment plan to treat the physical as well as psychological facets of an addiction, recovery is an achievable goal. The following medications are prescribed within our medication assisted treatment program:

Suboxone: Unlike other medications that are prescribed in medication assisted treatment, Suboxone will cause patients to experience the physical symptoms of withdrawal should they attempt to abuse this medication or other substances during treatment. Comprised of a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, Suboxone reduces the symptoms of withdrawal while eliminating cravings for additional opioid use.

Vivitrol: While the other medications that are prescribed in treatment are typically given daily, Vivitrol is administered via injection once monthly. This medication is a non-narcotic, non-addictive prescription that provides relief from the physical symptoms of withdrawal while ceasing cravings for continued opioid use.

The specific medication that is prescribed as well as the dosage that is given will depend upon the unique needs of each individual patient. By working closely with our team of professionals, patients can have their medication adjusted during treatment when it is necessary.

In addition to the medication assisted treatment that we supply, VIDA’s Comprehensive Treatment Team also provides patients with the opportunity to take part in therapeutic interventions to help them progress in treatment. VIDA’s Comprehensive Treatment Team proudly offers the following therapeutic services:

  • Neuro Bio Feedback with a certified technician. Neuroscience has accepted that there is an interrelation between the central nervous system, the autoimmune system, emotions, physical, and mental health.  We understand that new neurons are created throughout life and that the brain can change at any age.  Addictions is a disease of the brain and neurofeedback back can help resist cravings for drugs or alcohol. Neurofeedback is based on a technique called biofeedback, which is used to treat physical problems. Undergoing biofeedback therapy involves being attached to devices that measure and display certain body processes like your temperature, your blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. A trained therapist helps you to change these normally involuntary processes in order to reduce cravings.
  • Individual therapy sessions allow patients to work individually with one of our highly qualified counselors. These sessions are designed to identify the underlying emotional and behavioral factors that contributed to an individual turning to opioid use in the first place. These sessions also provide patients with the opportunity to work through any issues that may arise throughout the course of treatment.
  • Group counseling sessions bring patients together in a safe and supportive environment to discuss a variety of addiction- and recovery-related topics. By working alongside their peers, patients can gain insight and support from other individuals who understand the hurdles associated with recovery.
  • Acupuncture has been proven as a safe effective treatment to reduce the cravings for drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

VIDA Addiction Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive services and supports that are person-directed, trauma-informed and recovery-focused. Our dedicated staff seeks to engage individuals and their families through motivational, culturally competent, goal oriented treatment in a compassionate, caring and accessible environment. Our therapy groups are scheduled with working professionals in mind. We offer the flexibility of both daytime and evening groups. By offering patients comprehensive treatment, VIDA’s Comprehensive Treatment Team provides patients with the support, treatment, and guidance that is necessary to achieve long-lasting recovery. We are here to assist you in breaking free from the dangerous cycle of addiction.