Dear Patients June 15 2020


Dear VIDA patients,

We want to update you with our COVID protocols that we have instituted to help keep everyone as safe as possible. We are now slowly increasing the patients coming into our office, including doing preventative care and office procedures, while still offering Telemedicine approach. The following is what you can expect:

  • We will send you an appointment reminder by text and email two days prior to your appointment. The text/email will include;
    • Confirming your appointment time and date
    • Availability to update your demographics
    • Answer questions specific to COVID symptoms and exposure
    • Answer other yearly screening questions.
  • Once you confirm your appointment and answer the questions you will be given a phone number to text when you arrive and directions to wait in your car for a staff member.
  • Please wait in your car until a medical assistant goes out to meet you.
  • You will have your temperature taken in your car and asked to wear a mask inside our building. No one is to wait inside our office.
  • Please bring a mask or we will provide you with one. We ask all our patients to please wear a mask to reduce the spread to each other.
  • When inside the building you will see all our staff wearing masks to help protect you and for us to protect each other.
  • If you are having a Telemedicine visit, an email will be sent to you the night before with the link to (please check your spam/junk folder). This email is separate from the reminder text/email you will receive two days prior to your visit.
  • Each provider is seeing their preventative care patients on a different day to help reduce the number of patients being seen in the office.
  • Any patients who have symptoms of COVID will be seen in an outdoor tent next to our building.
  • We are continuing to offer SAR-Coronavirus-2 antigen swab testing in patient’s cars and are also doing COVID antibody blood testing in the office.

We have not had clear guidance on how to navigate opening our social circles as restrictions get lifted.

Dr. Dacker has written a guide to help us have these discussions with others in a way that is compassionate called COVID C.A.R.E. Covid C.A.R.E  calls in four specific elements to consider and discuss with others as you start broadening your social circles:

Container, Agreements, Risk Tolerance and Etiquette.

 Her writing has been published online in Medium and Elephant journal and is being used all over the world.

She will be doing a live Zoom event on Wednesday June 17th at 7pm to review this model and answer questions on opening up society. Here is the link to register:

Vida Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health is committed to standing against racism and discrimination. We recognize that words alone are not enough, and action is required. We are looking deeper at our hiring and employment practices, to be more inclusive and move towards becoming more diverse both culturally, racially and socially. We want to support the health of people of color and LGBTQ, and are accepting new patients on the Oregon Health Plans.

We are also doing further training of our staff on the effects of oppression using an intersectional approach. (Intersectional theory asserts that people are often disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression: their race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers.)


Lastly, we will be conducting a $1000 matching donation to the Equal Justice Initiative. You can help support this