Dear Patients August 19 2020

Dear Vida Patients,

Life in 2020 has been quite the learning journey. Fear, hope and change surround use on a daily basis. We are still learning how to move with grace through a pandemic, economic challenges, racial injustices, and soon an election cycle. Deep breaths required!

We want to stay in touch so that you know that Vida is doing the best to support you during this. Yes, we are a medical office, but our goal has always been to be MORE than just that.

What are we doing to help our office stay safe for you to visit?

  • We continue to offer Telemedicine health and counseling visits.
  • We continue to screen everyone prior to an in-office visit, requiring  temperature AND pulse-ox checks before entering the office.
  • All patients wait in their cars until they are ready to be roomed.
  • Masks are required for everyone, and children over 4 if possible.
  • Deep cleaning after every patient visit
  • Patients with Covid symptoms are seen in a tent outside of our office OR tested in their cars.

If you have any concerns about our office safety, please reach out to our Administrator Teri Fetsch at

What is new?

Quest Lab has a draw site at our office! This means that you no longer have to go to their draw sites at Safeway Grocery Stores.

Please call our office at 503-399-1400 to schedule an appointment.

Due to COVID, we need to still follow the same precautions for everyone entering the office space, therefore, walk-in appointments are being postponed for the time being.

Community Support

In conjunction with the Willamette Health Authority, we have added the following new services:

Clinical pharmacist- Dr. Shannon will provide a comprehensive medications review and disease specific medication management. If you want more information about the medications that you are on, want to see about reducing them, questions about drug interactions, please let your medical provider know. They can refer you for this service. Phone consultation available.

Nutritionist- Patients with chronic conditions who want a more traditional approach to nutrition information can ask for a free referral.

Behavioral Health Clinician-Licensed Social Workers can provide short term support to help support positive changes. They are available to work with you to help with stress management, coping with a new diagnosis, substance abuse, and assistance with developmental disorders or disabilities.

Coordinated Care Management- Do you need help navigating the health care system? Need transportation getting to appointments? Additional resources such as food or access to other social service programs and benefits? Let your provider know! We are here to help you.


In September, Dr. Evelin Dacker will teach an online class on “Awesome Boundaries”. This 90 minute class will help you understand the importance of having and maintaining boundaries, asking for what you need in order to have healthy relationships with everyone.

Join our Facebook page for further information:

We continue to work toward providing the best health care. This month our entire office will participate in a training on how to interrupt oppression. This helps us see the places where we personally need to reflect on our implicit, unconscious biases in order to be more present to everyone. Only by moving towards our own compassionate hearts can we begin towards a new normal where care for one another will be a priority